Ravi Bhalla on union attack ad against Jim Doyle, “I’m with them”

Mayor Ravi Bhalla comes out of the cold on union attack ad siding with the construction union and throwing Councilman Jim Doyle under the bus

An outtake from the construction union TV ad run against Councilman Jim Doyle.
The commercial appeared on local TV Thursday and was first published on MSV last Friday.

Hoboken ‘s rookie mayor Ravi Bhalla came in from the cold late Friday finally making it clear who he stands with in a construction Local 825 union TV ad attacking “ally” Councilman Jim Doyle.

‘I’m with them’ Bhalla let the world know as he declared his allegiance with the construction union that doled out approximately $85,000 a year ago in TV ads to see him win a controversial mayoral election.

Bhalla said he reached out to the union “who are friends and supporters” letting them know about his personal relationship with Councilman Jim Doyle and said “they immediately took it down and apologized to me” according to a late updated Friday story on the Hudson County View.

They didn’t know?

The union TV ad appeared Thursday with MSV publishing the commercial last Friday.

Bhalla added his ties to the construction union are strong insisting development labor in Hoboken ahead will continue signaling major redevelopment is in his plans for the Mile Square City.

One political critic who saw the tepid statements but declined to make it public fearing retaliation said, “When you’re bought, you stay bought and Ravi knows he’s bought.”

Councilman Jim Doyle apparently received no such apology publicly or privately from the construction union, Local 825. To the humiliation of being tossed under the bus, public exchanges on Facebook proved frustrating with one local activist whereupon he exited saying, “I’m out of here.”

A spokesman for the union, Mike Markarski was clear in not offering any public apology to Mayor Bhalla nor Councilman Doyle saying, “Councilman Doyle’s vote against the first major redevelopment agreement of the Bhalla administration was a miscalculation.”

Markarski would also slam Doyle for speaking out against an upcoming billion dollar power plant planned in North Bergen. Doyle is currently planning to introduce a resolution slamming the power plant at an upcoming council meeting according to local government sources.

Snippet of the controversial “terror flyer” used to get Ravi Bhalla elected last year according to rumors by those in the know.

Talking Ed Note: Rumors continue to fly about the less than publicly acknowledged support putting Ravi Bhalla into the mayor’s chair.

What can a terror flyer do for you?

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