Sign of the Times: Bounced and Seething


At the end of the Hoboken Housing Authority public meeting, a seething Maryanne Camporeale said of fellow commissioner Jake Stuiver, “He’s a sneaky son of a bitch.  He could have talked to Jeanne (Rodriguez) or talked to Carmelo (Garcia, HHA Executive Director).  He’s a nasty, small minded person… He wants to humiliate me because I opposed him (for Chair).  This is payback for me not voting for him… I’l get him.”

Former HHA commissioner Maryanne Camporeale was forced to recuse herself to the audience.
She was none too happy with the chain of events.  Rear middle is the chair where she usually sits in at the meetings.

The rules requiring commissioners fulfilling mandatory classes within 18 months can not be overruled by any local commissioners or the Executive Director.

The DCA for the State of NJ is the ruling authority on this matter.

Talking Ed Note: Grafix Avenger attended her first HHA meeting.  Lucky her, she had a front row seat to the big show:

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