Los Federales: ‘Please come with us Mr. Carmelo’


Labor Day Destined for Greatness Special
Federal Investigation in the HHA leads to red hot rumor of Carmelo Garcia’s arrest

Friday’s Hoboken heat featured smoke signals circling as word the Feds had paid visits to the Hoboken Housing Authority, feudal land of contracted leader of the wannabe Carmelo Garcia banana republic.

It doesn’t even scratch the surface of the buzz downtown where “the suits” are only the early feature story as the HHA is rife with rumor the Feds have made a pinch and release of the person who is infamous for throwing others under the bus.

Honk! Honk! Rumors are widespread the Feds are hot on the heels of Carmelo Garcia
the center of controversy at the Hoboken Housing Authority in every direction.  
State Senator Brian Stack who is also the subject of Carmelo Garcia’s
“I’m forced to set you up” audio library may be in the mix. 

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