City: Police unions incorrect with drop in overall crime, 16% decrease overall is accurate

City of Hoboken announces:

Statement from Mayor Zimmer, Chief Falco, and Director Tooke
We are committed to implementing every strategy and resource possible to protect our community.
While some categories of offenses have gone down and some categories have gone up, including reported sexual assaults which occurred disproportionality on the weekend of our St. Patrick’s Day parade, overall crime in Hoboken is down significantly. According to Uniform Crime Reports and Hoboken Police Department data, there were a total of 1,260 reported crimes in 2009, 1135 in 2010, and 1,062 in 2011 – a decrease of 15.7 percent in two years. The number of calls for service to the Police Department dropped from 63,009 in 2010 to 58,185 in 2011, a decrease of 7.7 percent.
While overall crime has been reduced, even one crime is one too many, and we will continue to do everything to keep our community safe. Next week we look forward to announcing a new initiative to protect our residents and visitors.
Talking Ed Note: MSV will print the police unions letter with their statement too.

Hoboken411 published these numbers for 2010 (left) and 2011 (right).

What stands out immediately is the difference in the official crime figures total for 2010 and 2011.
The City statement says 1135 in 2010, and 1,062 in 2011 while Hoboken411 put out 1057 and 1101.

Right off the bat, there’s something wrong just on the raw totals.  In 2011, the difference is 39 crimes.
In 2010 the difference is 78 crimes with the City figures higher.

Someone has one if not both years incorrect.  The difference if 39 crimes is significant if they were all violent crimes such as murder and rape but it’s not.  Hoboken411 says rape is up 25% but you are talking about a figure that is a handful and the St. Patrick’s Day parade appears to be the reason.

While 39 crimes differential in a year is not insignificant, one can determine from just these differences in the figures of the four, this is about something other than crime.

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