BOE Audit – Oops!

Okay back to matters of real importance, we just saw a review of the BOE audit and no it’s not good.  Numerous and documented examples of waste and what’s that word I’m look for… fraud.  Donna Antonucci spells it out rather nicely, original docs available too.  A succinct and impressive piece of work.

Nice job!

Nov. 20th – Amy Sara Clark at Hoboken Now also posted a detailed story on the audit results identifying two dozen problematic issues!

Update: 1:35 – Fallout from the bad news: Phillip A. De Falco, a CPA serving on the board has resigned effective the end of this month.  Keep it coming!

The Hudson Reporter’s Timothy J. Carroll is now reporting on three resignations.

Related: The Jersey Journal reports on the school’s bad test results.  It’s disheartening to say the least.

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