Dem Polls

Last Friday’s announcement by the Obama Administration to try the 9-11 mastermind and his cohorts in New York City is now registering in the latest Rasmussen Poll.  As we thought it less than polite to not at least mention their arrival as neighbors with newly minted rights as American citizens, we even had Eddie Murphy extend a welcome from his SNL days in Mister Robinson’s neighborhood.  

With no precedent of extending American citizenship rights to enemy combatants, the reaction in this poll comes as little surprise.  The only precedent Da Horsey knows was the Barbary Pirates under President Thomas Jefferson.  The US eventually responded by sending the marines to protect American shipping intercepted much like the Somali pirates today.  The only difference was those captured on the ships were often brought ashore in northern Africa and ransomed or sold into slavery.  The US did not have the marines bring any pirates back to the US for trial.

Okay, so when do we start training all our armed forces in giving miranda rights?  That’s what they’ll need to do should they come across Osama bin Laden.  Perhaps the ACLU has that program all ready to go.

President Obama’s strongly approve rating has now fallen to 27%. Overall, 46% somewhat approve. You can figure out the rest.  We predicted the response and offered a wager with our favorite bartender’s at Moran’s handling the credits.  No one took us up on the offer.  And now Da Horsey’s thirsty.

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