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what were they thinking?  A professor said to be a valued statewide observer offered some sharp criticism for the newly minted, fully voter sanctioned Zimmer administration.  After reading it late last night, it was appalling enough to merit a stream of consciousness rebuke even with a typo or two.  For those interested in the corruption of the very obvious, it’s a fine perspective into the absolute woeful state of affairs New Jersey finds itself in.  The more you look at these things the more you land up shaking your head.  See for yourself:
Comments and story via the Hudson Reporter.
Comments and original via

Oh and get this.  In preparing the links, we saw the “professor” has not only had the original comment deleted but he’s replaced it under our own SmartyJones moniker with, “My comment has been edited because I behave like a child.”

So in addition to being utterly exposed for poor basic scholarship, (you get an F doc) he has to go and remove the comment revealing such with a childish censoring prank.  The Hudson Reporter to its credit has not censored on behalf of “the professor.”  

Now why is it when you turn even the smallest light on these critics, they turn into the biggest crybabies?   Take a read and decide for yourself if this was an offense worthy of censorship.

Update: 11:40 – The Hudson Reporter is getting a tidy bunch of responses now to our initial criticism of “the professor” and it further illustrates our point.  He has again edited our follow up post at, this time inserting the user agreement as cover.  (We knew he’d come up with something.)  As to the substance of the criticism by Da Horsey and others, nothing but goose eggs.  Here’s a hanky to wipe the egg off your face professor.  

Our reply there which no doubt will also be censored in short order:
Too late professor. We’ve already linked the story and your getting lots of attention. You can stop censoring and editing under our moniker any time now. Yes you have been personally attacked: for incompetence. And that’s well within the user agreement.

Update: 12:05 – censored again as we predicted, we left one more note for Mr. Hart:
Too bad you don’t have censorship rights across the internet to help bury your “scholarship” professor. That’s too bad. We’re getting lots of traffic between us and the Hudson Reporter. Sorry.
Here’s the original comment posted and recovered from “managed” by Thurman Hart.  (Sorry doc, we managed to liberate your “editing.”  This is the full unedited and uncensored post replaced by the open minded and no doubt free speech advocating polysci “professor.”  Way to go Thurm!  Keep up the good work.

More hack writing from a statewide hack? Am I impressed by that? Uh sorry no. There is a public information office and folks doing good work there who are not part of any campaign. And Daniel Bryan a pretty low paid worker holding multiple hats including confidential aide is a problem? Mr. Hart do you know the one person Mr. Bryan is replacing and his salary? It was Joe Garcia who was earning more than the current mayor!! And over three times as much as the role now! Okay, one can disagree with the limp argument of Mr. Hart there but the next one really takes the cake. Our good professor concludes with no evidence WHATSOEVER mind you, that it was the Mayor who decided to make the final vote for the councilman appointment? Excuse me? We have something here called a videotape. Perhaps you might try to actually watch the proceedings and you’ll see not one but in fact two legal counsel both arrive at the same opinion on the mayor taking a vote. First, Mr. Buzak is a very senior counsel and offered two valid opinions on the situation. What is yours “professor?” Oh that’s right you don’t even attempt to make a legal opinion. Your opinion begins with a conclusion that the mayor made the call. How impressive. Now if you watch the videotape “professor” and yes I use that in quotes as I’m going to guess it came in NJ along with your other expertise, Mr. Kleinman is hardly enthused in his conclusion in support of Mr. Buzak. And if you listen to the video right after the swearing in ceremony, you’ll hear him voice that he in fact had looked into the legal issue over hours and it was all he could do. So Mr. Hart how about you take your fine conclusion and bankroll your supposition in court. I dare you, no I triple dare you. Go to court and tell the judge that Mayor Zimmer made the legal decision to vote on the fourth ward appointment. This town has a huge problem ahead with the hospital. But the hacks serving this county and state are beyond belief in their incompetence. I didn’t even need to edit this to tear into the lameness. Come visit us at Mile Square View. We’ll school you there again. But warning we don’t give any hack guest appearances.

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