Beth Mason defends politrickin on the budget


Here’s a video clip of Beth Mason’s remarks on the temporary budget passed at the emergency meeting.  As many people know, it’s underfunded intentionally at 17.5%.  The Administration was using the state guidelines for temporary budgets of 26.25%.

What it means is an intentional unnecessary way for the Mason-Russo led City Council to grandstand on an issue where there is no gain, no benefit and no savings to the city.  They must love to hear themselves talk but that would be incorrect.  They in fact, love to hear themselves politrickin – such is their contempt for the public.

Listen to the reason Beth Mason attempts to make for passing their temporary underfunded budget.  She says it’s for oversight.  Since the temporary budget is merely a fractional application of the prior year, how in fact would you have any oversight over a historical budget?

How many themes can you identify in her prepared remarks now part of her campaign email?  Notice how she refers to the talking points of her minion as “the public?” It’s all staged just like her abusing the order of the public speaker’s list at the Monday emergency City Council meeting.

What’s so disturbing about Beth Mason is how intellectually dishonest she is about everything these days. That she actually did some good things years ago and was held in respect by many of us only makes it worse.

On MSV tomorrow: An exclusive detailing another Beth Mason political operation in City Council!

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