Beth Mason spearheads sinking Washington St. paving, other improvements

In a 5-4 vote lacking a single vote from MORTe, the process to begin moving on repaving Washington Street, Sinatra Drive, Observer and parts of Newark failed.

The bond ordinance to being the process required six votes.  As is typical of this City Council, the sixth vote was not available.

The $1.1 million bond held high stakes with government monies from outside Hoboken available and more sought as the project would have progressed.

Based on the overwhelming positive support from the community and members of the public attending the meeting, MORTe attempted to deflect why they could not get behind the infrastructure bond ordinance.

Councilwoman Beth Mason made a rather weak attempt raising other issues some clearly unrelated such as the Monarch Project litigation.  In the video below you can see Mason pointing everywhere.  The words are not necessary.  It’s all a deflection and she spent a lot of time waving her hands around pointing to other things with a prepared statement to shoot down the measure.

(Mason spends quite a bit of time pointing elsewhere, that story along with her number will come later.)

Another perspective: Beth Mason shows through her actions with no audio here how she is working
against the public interest.  Her vindictive politics are what drives her actions harming Hoboken.

Other members of MORTe deflected by attempting to salve the public’s support saying they were willing to back a piece of the infrastructure renewal.  Will the public accept that or see it for the usual obstruction?

In New Business, City Council President Cunningham expressed disappointment with the lack of one vote among Castellano, Russo, Occhipinti and Beth Mason saying council members should represent all of the City in the infrastructure efforts for Washington Street, Sinatra Drive, Oberserver and parts of Newark.  He found the “maybe I’ll support it,” by breaking it up in parts inefficient.

“We have to think of the City as a whole… It’s going to be hard from a cost standpoint to break it out.”

Talking Ed Note:  Well that’s the point.  With overwhelming public support, we’re not sure there was one vote in a snap poll on Hoboken Patch against even from Beth Mason’s political operatives posted there, MORTe was grasping at straws to come up with reasons and appear reasonable to work on segments.

For the first time, Tim Occhipinti even hinted at possibly supporting the positives in the measure but that was about as far as he went and like a robotron, he joined in with the Council of No voting the beginnings of improvements down and the millions in outside support with it.

The City stood to lose $2.4 million from the US Department of Transportation.  Just like when over $4 million was squandered to unnecessarily pay off the tax status of the midtown garage, MORTe wins when the City loses.

The more millions the better!

For those who still count themselves dinner companions of Councilwoman Beth Mason, you now find yourselves further isolated from the community you claim to care about.

Hoboken Patch had the first story up on the matter and it’s notable the headline states the outside government aid Hoboken loses in the measure being voted down.

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