Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411: ‘I’m all in as Mason411 again!’

Perry Klaussen, Hoboken’s biggest pathological liar on behalf of the Old Guard is trotting out his usual half-truths and smears on the Hoboken scene in a risky attempt to undermine support for the launch yesterday of the Hoboken Free Speech Legal Defense Fund.  More important, he’s clearly back doing the full bidding of his sponsor Councilwoman Beth Mason and their friends.

Not a word at all about any of the nefarious relationships among the parties is there?

Beth Mason thrilled again with Mason411

While Perry Klaussen smears others constantly always making sure they can’t comment on anything or ever have a word without his totally controlling it so the truth doesn’t ever get out; here he’s making it clear he’s back in the political game.  His pal who spilled the beans he was moving to Vermont is officially on hold now with the money splashing all over town from uptown Hudson Street.

A source supportive of Reform reported Perry Klaussen was in Sparrow buying a ton of items on a credit card just the other day.  Does Perry Klaussen also have a Beth Mason or Mason Civic League credit card as other Beth Mason political operatives?  (MSV will be breaking that story.)

While Perry Klaussen and Hoboken411 have now posted some actionable items, we’ll note it was former Councilman Michael Lenz who earlier this year put out a letter to Councilwoman Beth Mason and her “friends” regarding defamation.

As MSV reported last week, Lenz’s good faith efforts was ignored – by all three parties!  No denial was made whatsoever by the parties in the good faith effort.  Instead, Perry Klaussen went and attacked his wife.

The goal in this Mason411 story is obviously a political attempt to stop the 12 defendants in the complaint from fighting back with the aid of the community.  Many of you have stood up already.  Thank you!

But we’re not asking for only some people to help carry the load for supporting speech in Hoboken for what you agree with, but for what you may not always agree with or in fact find disagreeable.

The strength of Hoboken’s democratic institutions demands it.

Should you allow Mason411 and Perry Klaussen to continue with his dirty iron fisted fascist control over speech in town?

Da Horsey thinks not.
Talking Ed Note:  Has everyone gotten the message from upper Hudson Street now?  
MSV is not covering the dog days of summer City Council meeting tonight.  Please see our colleague at the Hoboken Journal who is carrying the live telecast.

For the record, Da Horsey has never been paid, sought pay, earned pay in any shape or form from any political figure, direct or indirect or through any third party companies set up by same.

You won’t see any cute language speaking in the strict present tense how Da Horsey “is not a political operative” while having breakfast or out at the movies.

MSV has never been a professional photographer, never worked for the City of Hoboken in any capacity or for any official or their families, or done any work on behalf of same.

There is no such thing as a Zimmer blogger.  There are Hoboken residents who agree with the efforts on behalf of Hoboken and who decry the corruption by the Old Guard that has gone on far too long.  Then there is the Mason paid internet hit squads.  No one else does that.  No one else would even think to fund such an idea.  The only other person who could ran a positive race for mayor in 2009, that being Frank Raia.

Hoboken411’s lies are defamatory and of course false.  Take note Perry Klaussen and go ask your sponsor if she will be saving your rear end when her number comes up with the law.

Do you good people of Hoboken think this distraction makes any sense?  

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