Sign of the Times: Beth Mason reacts to discussion of litigation

Here’s a snapshot of Beth Mason at last night’s meeting as Councilwoman Terry Castellano concludes her remarks on additional funding to run the City’s law office.

The subject is LITIGATION.

No one took the opportunity to ask Mason what she was talking about with her threat of introduced “legal action” against MSV at the last City Council meeting.

As it turns out, it wasn’t only MSV on the “verge of legal action.”  It was scores of Hoboken residents.

Now everyone knows.

Terry Castellano concludes remarks on the topic of litigation which gives Beth Mason an uncomfortable feeling.
What she does with money and her paid political operatives to harm the Hoboken community is despicable.
Scores of Hoboken residents face a $2 million SLAPP civil suit meant to intimidate them including MSV.

Talking Ed Note: In the claims yesterday was $2.3 million for the Southwest Park.  It’s a bid the City of Hoboken apparently is submitting to the NJ Court as part of the next step to acquire the surface parking lot to build a park.

Negotiations have been exhausted and now Hoboken will see whether the price tag for the land is closer to $2.3 million or the $10 million the owners believe.

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