Illegal car campaigning near polling station @ 220 Adams in the 4th ward

Put this one in the it could have been worse file but it’s notable for the continuing pattern emerging over this last day and in this fourth ward campaign overall.  A young mother supportive of the Lenz campaign was on her way to vote and came across a vehicle with signs all over it spouting Occhipinti every which way.  The car was parked well within the 100 feet of a polling station, an activity in and of itself considered electioneering and therefore illegal.

Ooops did we use that word illegal again in connection to the Occhipinti campaign?
Yes, you may think it’s a conspiracy but it’s just how they roll.

This BMW convertible looked very comfortable and at home sitting double parked and illegally within 100 feet of a polling station.  The car was finally moved after some yelling and pictures taken by a young mother who refused to walk away from the scene before the owner moved the vehicle.

We should be grateful this BMW convertible wasn’t double parked outside Occhipinti’s headquarters blocking traffic.  You know, Tim really cares about traffic.

Here’s the reported conversation between the two as pictures were taken:

She took the pictures, and a man says “C’mon honey, make sure you get a good shot!”
She says, “EXCUSE ME???”
He says, “That’s my car” and argued with her about whether or not it
was “parked” in the literal sense. 

She said “Well I vote there and I know you can’t be parked there.”
He said, “OK I’ll move it, anything for you, honey.”

Talking Ed Note: If you see something and believe it’s not right take a couple of shots including identifying parts such as a license plate but do not confront and get into an argument with another person over such matters.  It’s better to call the police and let them explain the law.

The owner of the BMW based on another report is believed to be Michael Cricco.

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