Beth Mason sounds the election guns, set sights on Tom Greaney… no Mayor Zimmer

the new Beth Mason logo – same mayoral themes sans reform.

Here’s the latest email from Beth Mason kicking off the unofficial start of her bid seeking re-election for the 2nd ward city council seat:

Dear Friend,

            I hope this email finds you well.  As you maybe aware several weeks ago I announced my candidacy for re-election for 2nd Ward City Council and promised to re-launch my website after the holiday season.  Now that we have entered the New Year I ask that you please visit my new re-election website

            Leading up to the May 10th election, I am looking forward to a spirited campaign where we discuss the issues that are important to us and our families.  We must continue to work together so we can continue to move the 2nd Ward in the right direction.  Together we must:

  • Finish important open space initiatives such as the design and construction of 1600 Park and Hoboken Cove.
  • Work with Mayor Zimmer and the City Council to repair our waterfront completely.
  • Continue to fight to cut wasteful spending such as international trips for City Directors paid for by taxpayers, multiple contracts for politically connected law firms, and raises for political consultants on the public payroll.

Finally, as you may be aware, at the February 16th City Council meeting Mayor Zimmer will introduce her 2011 Municipal Budget.  Many residents are wondering what will become of Hoboken’s approximately $20 million (and still growing) surplus.  From the very day the surplus was uncovered I have been an advocate of using it to provide property tax relief.

The current administration’s public relations team and the political blogs that support it are trying to rationalize why City Hall should be able to keep your money – even to the point of personally attacking those who oppose a more bloated government.  Unfortunately for them this is not a discussion that will be resolved by mudslinging, but rather by examining what is right and what is wrong.  This surplus exists because you were overcharged, repeatedly, on your tax bills. No amount of political spin can change that simple fact. Frankly, City Hall has no right to keep your money and to do so is wrong and unacceptable.  If you are overcharged by a business – you demand your money back – and a reputable business would give it to you.

We are currently suffering through one of the worst economic climates in our nation’s history.  The money saved in property taxes by returning this surplus represents a senior citizen being able to afford life saving medication, a family being able to put food on their table or save more for their child’s education or a hardworking recent college graduate paying down his or her student loans. 

The spin masters in City Hall who are arguing that they should be able to keep your money are the same ones who author glossy campaign flyers promising to cut taxes every time there is an election.  On February 16th that very campaign rhetoric will come to a head and the politicians in City Hall will either make good on their promise to cut taxes or yet again disappoint you.  

If you are tired of the same old broken promises, the same sorry tired politics of the past, and the same over-inflated tax bills you receive every quarter, please join me in standing up to fight for lower taxes and to put people first.  Together we can make Hoboken an even better and more affordable place to live and raise a family.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at (201)-916-8244 or  I look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you for allowing me the time to discuss my campaign.  I look forward to seeing you soon and again ask that you please visit my new website at  

Talking Ed Note:  Lots to digest here and there’s clearly lots of political hands all over this crafted release mostly directed toward the low information voter.  With this release the salvo of the 2nd ward battle begins in earnest.  Notice Beth Mason is not running against her opponent Tom Greaney, she’s running against Mayor Dawn Zimmer!  She hopes three times will be the charm followed by a fourth obviously. 

What’s fascinating is the attack also on “political blogs,” and her linking of them to the Administration on taxes.  Well thanks Beth, but MSV is not aware of the Administration’s tax policy on the surplus yet but can tell you Da Horsey will probably want more of a surplus returned than they will find appropriate.  MSV is not demanding the surplus be kept, nor has it ever – it’s been about a real search to find what’s reasonable and most importantly sustainable.  Most taxpayers we’ll bet don’t want one shot tax relief, they want it to be sustained and maintained.  When the Administration presents their budget, then we’ll see where they stand on that figure but we know it won’t be to give back $20 million.  – There isn’t $20 million to give back and Beth Mason knows it!

Previously, Beth Mason has urged the surplus be returned in total and more recently she’s hedged that to be neutral and non-commital but at the very last City Council meeting she refused to admit there is no $20 million surplus to return.  From the very beginning MSV felt she had a winner on her hands with this issue and said so, even though she’s was lying through her teeth about it.  Her paid political staff is telling her to stay with it and we’re convinced she will.  Beth Mason has always bought into the power of confusing voters and feeding them lots of information in the hopes that the inaccuracies will not be discovered before they reach the polling booth.  

Notice how many of the themes here have been meted out by various parties on her behalf at the last City Council meeting and on Mason411.  That’s no accident.  The coordination has been well underway and this is the end result of that, not the beginning.

The lowest attack though here isn’t on the surplus, that’s old hat, but the continued coordinated Mason-Russo attack on Director Ian Sacs.  Beth Mason knows very well professional development such as attending specific industry conferences furthering their capability is very much part of the compensation for having top notch public servants such as engineers working in the public sector.  Mike Russo made a point to attack Ian Sacs on this with his visit to an industry conference – but it’s not any industry conference, it’s thee most important one in the transportation sector related to the charter of Ian Sacs’ professional work. 

It’s pretty pathetic how they continually take cheap shots at the guy.  His salary is reduced from the crook he replaced, John Corea, last seen absconding with almost a million dollars in parking meter quarters – yet they treat Director Sacs like a criminal every chance they get.  Now Beth Mason is going after the guy for cheap political gain.

That’s just classless.  But class is not what Beth Mason is after.  It’s power.  She’s sending out a message loud and clear, no lie is to big to sell and no valley is too low to stoop.

Tom Greaney is the toughest person to be in Hoboken right after the mayor who needs to consider employing a full time food taster.  Hopefully, Da Horsey won’t have to hire one too; apparently we’re in Beth Mason’s sights now as well.

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