Beth Mason cares about you

Here’s the latest political emailer from Beth Mason:

Dear Friend,

As you may be aware Mayor Zimmer recently announced she will release her 2011 budget to the City Council on February 25th and formally present it at the March 2nd City Council meeting. 
I look forward to working with the Mayor and my Council colleagues to adopt a budget that will finally provide you with much needed property tax relief.  I remain steadfast in my belief that as much of Hoboken’s budget surplus as possible must be returned in the form of property tax relief.  You are being unfairly overtaxed by City Hall and your money should be returned.
I have asked the Mayor to provide the City Council with an itemized budget that includes every expenditure for every department.  While a significant portion of the budget surplus should be returned, it should not be the only source of property tax relief.   We must work together to cut the wasteful spending that has long burdened Hoboken taxpayers.
Together we can finally lower taxes and make Hoboken an even better place to live and raise a family. As always please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or are in need of assistance at (201)-916-8244 or  I look forward to seeing you soon.
Thank you for your time.
Talking Ed Note:  If you were a reasonable person reading this for the first time, you’d think Beth Mason is also a reasonable person and wants to do the right thing.  Sadly, she only says those things when she is looking for political gain.  Well Beth, you said we had a $20 million surplus and it should be given back.

Where’s my $20 million?

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