2nd ward City Council Candidate Tom Greaney launches TV ad and website

2nd ward City Council candidate Tom Greaney launched his new website along with an advertisement featured on CNN.  His opponent Councilwoman Beth Mason previously announced her candidacy for the May council election along with an ad previewed in the fall prior to the 4th ward City Council special election.

So with her ad out first, Tom Greaney has now responded in kind.  Kaboom!  The race is on in what promises to be the highest profile and costliest council race.  Beth Mason will uncork a checkbook not only likely to make this the most expensive council race of all the wards this election, but perhaps setting a record of any Council race in Hoboken’s history.

Here’s Tom Greaney’s introducing himself to the voters of Hoboken’s 2nd ward:

MSV will be adding the website links on the right at no charge to any candidate for the duration of the election race through election day in May.  In addition, all press releases sent to will be posted in their entirety with no editorial comment in the release.

Talking Ed Note: One consideration under review and the sole exception: Tim Occhipinti.  That decision and an explanation will be made at a later time.  As many residents know, the NJ Attorney General’s office has not made a statement on the criminal referrals or comment on the review presented from the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office.  MSV believes an investigation is warranted and needs to be comprehensive addressing the installation of Tim Occhipinti in the fourth ward seat.

Occhipinti will be facing Rami Pinchevsky for the fourth ward council seat this time.  That is if law enforcement doesn’t have a say in the matter sooner.

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