The rebranding of Mike Russo

After seeing this clip, whole chapters on how to rebrand your political image could be written and in this video, a slick production is looking to market a kinder, softer, and one can even say polite Mike Russo.  It doesn’t hurt to use an expecting wife as a prop who describes your ‘work’ on the City Council as “passionate.”  There are many descriptions of his work in City Council and that description is to put it nicely, incomplete.

This video features the sweet song of catharsis when covering the touchy aspect of Mike Russo’s father.  Call it his Oprah moment.

One could say this is the political moment where the Russo family discovers the internet and the results of the census.  Although a dissertation can be written on this fine production, we’ll let the audience weigh in first.

Some of the whoppers told in this one come incomplete; the sound of rolls of quarters plopping around is distinctly missing when Russo says, “You don’t have to be the loudest person in the room.”  He’s trying to tone it down of late but in City Council he’s infamous for talking over, sniping, and snuffing out the voices of others and that includes both people on the Council and the public.  Hey, if you loved John Edwards, you are going to love the new and improved Mike Russo. 

MSV loves the use of a council clip with no audio.  That’s a classic technique although Councilman Dave Mello looks sickened by whatever Russo is saying.

Did you know that Mike Russo has a new hobby?  It’s photography and he likes to take pictures of horses.  

Here’s the new youtube sensation:

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