Beth Mason and Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz come in with late money for Freeholder Romano

The election is over and a commenter earlier said Freeholder Stick Romano was outspent 10-1. Well, let’s just say that’s preposterous based on the campaigns run by both sides.

Each put out its message in multiple mailers and had people out working to engage the voters. The turnout was lower than many would like but that’s besides the point now. Whoever has the most legal certified votes is declared the winner and that’s not in doubt.

Full campaign reports will be available soon but but both sides spent in the tens of thousands on this pivotal Freeholder race.

On May 28th, the Mason money arrived and Beth Mason and Richard Mason gave the Romano campaign $5,000.

Of more interest is a certain Weehawken resident who gave the Romano campaign $2,600.
What possible reason would a Weehawken resident be maxing out in a contribution in a Hoboken-Jersey City election?

Well FinBoy works for Beth Mason and the legal maximum is $2,600 so you do the math. If a couple can contribute $5,200 maximum how do you get around the legal limits?

Would you have your political operative “contribute” the $2,600 for you?

James “FinBoy” Barracato (l) takes a photo of Da Horsey as Beth Mason attempts to cower on the return pic after Hurricane Sandy. 
This was more friendly than the repeated assault right there on Washington Street against Horsey in broad daylight among a group of witnesses minutes earlier. Thanks Beth!

Here’s the Weehawken resident’s fishy maximum contribution from NJ ELEC:

MSV is confident with almost 100% certainty you won’t be reading about this latest possible Beth Mason major campaign violation on the Hudson Reporter. Evah!

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