Low turnout in Freeholder race hits incumbent Anthony “Stick” Romano

While the Old Guard managed to chalk up a win for Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano yesterday, the low turnout is evident in comparison to his unopposed race three years back.

Of course in that race, Stick was the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) candidate and even better he dueled solely against “personal choice” – out and out protest write in votes.

In that primary, he was able to generate nearly 4,000 votes himself. Yesterday, the turnout for the primary was less than 4,000 overall.

Stick Romano’s drop off from the 2011 primary is more than 1,500 votes. It detracts nothing from his win and he will zoom along singularly to a win in November once again.

Here’s the official tallies from June 2011:

DEM – Freeholder 5th District
56/56 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
Anthony L. ROMANO 3,768 97.36%
Personal Choice 102 2.64%



Talking Ed Note: MSV earlier described this election as a missed opportunity. If you are among those kicking yourselves today, well here’s a good reason as any. This Freeholder race was winnable.
Several people Da Horsey encountered on the streets yesterday from both camps were surprised to hear of our generic findings on the far lower vote totals. This story with the exact vote totals however adds further perspective and gives a window into the failure of Reform to generate a better effort on behalf of a gallant and very worthy candidate in Phil Cohen.
We win on the streets. Failing to take the message to the streets engaging the voters means lower turnout and yesterday is Exhibit A.
Hudson County is going to be milking Hoboken now for all its worth: and then some.

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