Sanford-Conrad Majority for the Republican Committee salute their supporters!

Sanford-Conrad Majority for Hoboken Republican Committee announces:
Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Thank you!  We did it!  The Sanford-Conrad Team won a citywide majority of Republican committee seats last Tuesday.  Our campaign for leadership of the Hoboken Republican Party is almost complete.  Next week the Sanford-Conrad Majority will select new leaders.  I look forward to serving as Chair of the Hoboken Republican Party.  And, I know Ted is just as excited to serve as Vice-Chair too!  Thank you for the opportunity and ability to serve.

Our citywide victory does not merely represent the changing of the guard; it is also a validation of both a new philosophy and a new leadership style.  Our team’s goal was to bring more Republicans into the political process and together we did that by electing a majority.  We won because a campaign focused on outreach, communication, and organization prevailed.  On Election Day more people chose the Sanford-Conrad Team.

Our team also showed how new leadership can overcome the “politics as usual” that turns off the majority of Republicans.  We won with a positive agenda.  We did not tear down others; we built others up into future leaders of our party.  Thank you for keeping an open mind and allowing us to share our vision of a brighter future for the Hoboken Republican Party.

As your leader you can expect much from me.  I asked for the responsibility and you gave that privilege to me.  Winning an election is not the end; it is a beginning.  We are men of action and will lead the Republican Party accordingly.   You elected the Sanford-Conrad Majority to act on the positive agenda we ran on.

That is why I ask my fellow Republicans to unite with our majority so that we may move forward together.  As your leader I will ask for your help.  I will call you for your advice.  The challenges confronting our party in a stronghold like Hudson County are immense.  We must not shoot ourselves in the foot if there is any hope for Republicans to secure a foothold in Hoboken.

We are at a crossroads and in moments such as these I often think of better words that speak to our better selves.  “When I was child I thought as a child, I spoke as a child, I acted as a child, but when I became a man I put away those childish things.”

Thank you for the honor of running for Chair of the Hoboken Republican Party.


James Sanford
Hoboken Republican Committee Chair Nominee


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