Election excerpt: Mayor Dawn Zimmer wins the Fourth Ward

A little sidebar from the election results last night.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer won the fourth ward with 824 votes.
Ruben Ramos came in a close second with 823 votes.
Timmy Occhipinti came in a distant last with 300 votes.

Correction: These figures may not include VBMs otherwise known here as The Devil.
(Wonder how many of Timmy’s “votes” were Vote by Mail votes?)

Who is the current occupant of the fourth ward council seat again?  Just say’in.

Talking Ed Note: Has anyone heard a public word from Timmy?
Perhaps Assemblyman Ramos can have someone call and teach him some manners.

It’s important everyone know Assemblyman Ramos conducted himself with great dignity and conceded to the mayor long before the full numbers were clear.

Hat tip: Ruben Ramos and Campaign Field Director John Castellano.

Party time: Mayor Dawn Zimmer poses late at the party with City Council President Peter Cunningham 

and Reform supporter Carrie Phillips


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