No Master Plan, zero transparency as Beth Mason pushes the Vision 20/20 scam

One of the aspects of Hoboken’s changing political climate is the never say die mentality of those who stand in the way of not just good government but decent government. It’s the shame of our City.

How else to explain this video of Councilwoman Beth Mason speaking on Vision 20/20? As has been pointed out numerous times, this monstrosity was thrust upon the Hoboken public and the unsuspecting residents of the HHA with zero transparency.

To date all the public has seen is a bunch of words and a glossy brochure.

A brochure.

To date, there is no Master Plan, this is a Master Scam being offered by an emperor with no clothes.

There’s reference to mysterious support in Washington and New Orleans who it’s claimed back the undocumented Vision 20/20 project. How or why anyone in New Orleans would back an undocumented massive redevelopment in New Jersey is not answered.

When the vaguest question on opposition to Vision 20/20 is asked, Mason offers not a single shred of illumination. There is no argument to the lack of a Master Plan or anything remotely resembling same to the Office of the Mayor, the City Council, the Hoboken Housing Authority or the Hoboken public at large.

How does one argue against criticism of an undocumented massive redevelopment of the HHA?

The first proposed structure turning over the management rights of the building featured a cool, clean one million dollars in profit.

The plan calls for well over a dozen more similar buildings with oversight rights removed and a fat subsidy, a PILOT of course courtesy of you the taxpayer.

Whatever happened to the promised tenant “Bill of Rights?” That too doesn’t exist.

Shameless, absolutely shameless. Here’s Beth Mason:

Video courtesy of Hudson County TV

Talking Ed Note: One commenter at HCTV is not amused by the “infomercial” without any credible information.

No kidding.

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