Beth Mason confesses: ‘I’ve spoken to the FBI’

In a story on the meeting last night at the Hoboken City Council, the failure of Beth Mason’s special meeting to advance her witch hunt on City Hall emails and the mayor’s staffers is now overshadowed by the latest revelation – Beth Mason admits to speaking to the FBI. 

According to a review of the non-meeting last night at City Hall, Hoboken Patch reveals Beth Mason has been in contact with the FBI.  While the story glosses over the particulars of that discussion with no answers from Mason to its details, the story focuses on Mason’s complaint that other people in Hoboken City Hall may have more information on the criminal investigation than she.

Beth Mason’s pathological desire to stab the FBI investigation in the heart is now 
overshadowed by another bomb:
Beth Mason admits she’s spoken to the FBI.  

She however won’t say what it’s about. 

Why is it so necessary for Mason to pursue this speculation during an ongoing FBI criminal investigation?  The story doesn’t say but mentions various wild charges from Mason who calls council members Carol Marsh and Dave Mello hypocritical for walking out on her special meeting she privately colluded with others in the Beth Russo hydra to instigate.  (For two weeks Beth Mason tried to organize a special meeting all behind closed doors and private phone calls.)

The story also states Beth Mason rejects the Corporation Counsel’s claim that releasing emails may compromise the FBI investigation.  The story doesn’t show Beth Mason providing any evidence demonstrating her point.

The FBI has not commented on the case other than informing Mayor Dawn Zimmer in a conversation last Friday that no additional information on an ongoing FEDERAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION will or should be provided to anyone.

Proving once again that Beth Mason can’t take no for an answer.  Not even from the investigators at the FBI.

Talking Ed Note: Does anyone believe Beth Mason was interrogating the FBI on their criminal investigation?

Why is she so desperate to get more information on a federal criminal investigation from the FBI?

Hey Beth, got emails?

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