MORTe: ‘We’re innocent’

The media is starting to catch its breath after the Data Theft Ring at City Hall busted wide open with a bang leading to the IT Manager and yet unnamed City officials in today’s Federal criminal complaint.

According to a story in Hoboken Now most of MORTe – Mason-Occhipinti-Russo and Terry Castellano are crying their innocence.  Tim Occhipinti has not been reached for comment but will likely say similarly.

The story says:

Some suspect that minority council members Beth Mason, Theresa Castellano, Michael Russo and Tim Occhipinti may have received the emails. Mason, however, demanded that the names be released, essentially denying wrongdoing.
Castellano and Russo said they did not receive emails from Ricciardi. Occhipinti could not be reached in time for comment.

MORTe is already coming off a boatload of bad news after their interference in the hospital sale came within an eyelash of it being forced to close – even after the buyer was ready to save the beloved institution.

After sinking a bond to save the hospital sale three members of MORTe are surprised by a blast from a member of the public in this earlier City Council photo.  They are decrying their innocence in the DTR FBI case.

Talking Ed Note: The only way we’ll be getting a the truth on any of this is at trial with people on the stand. If it takes the whole lot of MORTe in court to get to the truth, so be it.

Note that Russo and Castellano say they themselves did not get emails from Ricciardi. They do not say they were unaware of such activity and make full throated absolute denials.

When MSV questioned Council members Beth Mason and Michael Russo in a City Council meeting itself- neither would answer to their witnessing any illicit emails.

MSV believes the Feds know exactly what they’re doing and will do so in systematic order.
Happy nightmares to MORTe and their minions.

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