Grafix Avenger asks, “What about THOSE bugs?”

It’s summer in Hoboken and August has brought a lot of people much needed vacation time but MSV has taken notice many are still keeping abreast of the local happenings.

Although we’re still in the dog days of summer, it’s another creature that is getting underneath Grafix Avenger’s skin.  GA provides some relief to the summertime blues noting the war for the second biggest public budget in town is on.  MSV has to wonder if it even ended after the last BoE election in April.

The bugs are all out in the summer heat although Da Horsey certainly wishes one foreign variety would come out of the cold soon.

For now, here’s an excellent overview looking at the past, present and future on one large budget targeted for extinction.  No, not for elimination, but taken down for self-enrichment.

As GA herself puts it, the Queen Mother is out front and center.
Looking for something other than a County job… what can it be? 

GA highlights Michele Russo’s appearance at this week’s BoE meeting.

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