Americans speak out against election fraud and refuse to become Venezuela

 During the MAGA Million March in DC last weekend, approximately a million citizens of this Republic gathered to protest the blatant efforts to nullify their voices and more importantly their votes with all manner of in-your-face vote fraud scamming.

No Election night stoppage of vote counting in multiple states followed by dead of night insertions of six-figure Vote-by-Mail ballots is fooling anyone and certainly not from the same people who foisted the Russia Collusion Hoax, the Mueller scam investigation, the impeachment sham and now this latest coup attempt against the American people.

Here is one American who spoke passionately how she will not tolerate election theft and makes her feelings known about how she witnessed this exact act in Venezuela first hand.

Play dumb, support criminals and condescend to her all you want. She and the fight isn’t going away. 

Americans are not even warmed up and neither is the Dominion Voting Systems scam on top of this fraudulent Biden pyramid.

More to come!  

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