Family attacked in DC by the Fascist Left

After a rally in DC by peaceful supporters of President Trump departure turns into a dangerous affair. 

The family being pursued by an angry encroaching mob is bi-racial but of course, if you don’t subscribe to their prescribed totalitarian ideology your subject to a physical attack even on departure. 

A young girl is victimized in the attack and sent crashing into a wooden fence. 

Another man defends himself against a mob in an effort to leave. He is cowardly assaulted from behind.

Update: 9:30 There were many other attacks unreported by the State Media and you’ve probably heard next to nil about any of it. 

Don’t you know it’s healthy for the State’s approved paramilitary mobs to attack people in the streets to suppress the First Amendment expression of citizens on behalf of central power?

As it was for the Soviet Union and the Nazis

Evidence is forthcoming which will demonstrate why this violence and criminality on the streets and with the 2020 election is necessary.

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