The Eagle has Landed and foreshadows a mask & election theft collapse

As some fear and others will loudly say long overdue and applaud, the largest study on masks worn outside the home and its ineffectiveness is scientifically based.

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson has more but for the Chinese Communist Party Virus fear-induced, now approaching theology levels; no science can hope to redress.


Talking Ed Note: There’s a lot of action on the attempted Election Theft 2020 front. If you think between the mathematically doubtful avalanche of Vote by Mail ballots in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia is done and over; go fish.

Separately, there’s major evidence entering the fray about the intended lack of security designed into the sketchy Dominion Voting Systems front and worse. Rudy Giuliani who leads President Trump’s legal team along with Sidney Powell are promising to deliver evidence that will determine the outcome in multiple battleground states.
Let’s let that one jell for a bit. After all, most who live on a diet of Pravda corporate globalist media have no clue any of this is actually happening. The Big Tech censorship in tandem has been working in overdrive to dismiss any action against the statistically unprecedented and physically impossible Election anomalies. 
Like the endless propaganda on masks and the religious fervor coupled with it; many won’t see any the truth coming until it hits them flush on the nose.
Attorney Lin Wood, a volunteer counsel to President Trump filed this emergency injunction motion to Stop the Steal in Georgia where a hand count fails to meet the basic requirements under state law:
In yet another instance, thousands of votes have been discovered in Georgia. This batch reportedly exceeds 9,000 in favor of President Trump and follows earlier instances in smaller groups in the thousands seeing gains for the president who is contesting questionable vote activities in multiple battleground states.
More litigation is anticipated to be filed today as supporters of President Trump seek to count every legal vote.
More to come.

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