MSV to Beth Mason in City Council: HAVE YOU SEEN THE EMAILS?

Last night, Citizen Horsey went up to speak on the issue of the email witch hunt sponsored by Councilwoman Beth Mason and Councilman Mike Russo posing a question.  The question was specific, germane and most important to the issue at hand with the FBI in town doing a criminal investigation on exactly this information.

“Have you ever seen any emails that you are requesting in this resolution?”

MSV put the question directly to Councilwoman Beth Mason before addressing some additional remarks and her reaction was anything but comfortable.  “I’m requesting them from Corporation Counsel,” she said practically whispering.

“I didn’t ask you what you are requesting from Corporation Counsel.  I’m asking you if you have seen any of the emails you are requesting in this resolution?”

More mumbling.

The same question was posed to a surprised Councilman Mike Russo.  He also was very uncomfortable and wouldn’t answer the question.  Instead he said, address your questions to the chair.

Neither one of them answered.  The FBI should take close note of this.

Did you see any of the emails you requested in the resolution Beth Mason?  Councilwoman Mason was very uncomfortable with this simple yes or no question.  She danced, whispered and never answered it.
Neither did a very displeased Councilman Mike Russo.  The FBI needs to focus square on their political apparatus of Hoboken411 and respective minions. 

Here are the rest of MSV’s remarks.  Being listed second to our colleague Kurt Gardiner at The Hoboken Journal made Da Horsey green with envy.  We pitched our case to be number 1 on the Beth Russo hit list.

Beth Mason you sponsored this resolution. Why is Mile Square View listed second on the hit list?

Who did the first ever interview with the fiscal state monitor Judy Tripodi before the November 2009 mayoral election with the exclusive story that taxes were going down as you put out TV commercials and mailers saying Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer was hiding the budget and had a secret plan to raise taxes 15%?

Mile Square View

Who revealed the political operations you’ve run in the City Council chambers as soon as you snatched the council chair such as changing the speaker’s list to benefit your friend Lane Bajardi?  Mile Square View

Who broke the story of your attempt to hire a Stevens frat to holdsigns outside the Council forum the same day as the City Council debates.? Mile Square View

Who broke the story on the candidate sign theft in the 6th ward and interviewed the political operative responsible who denied what was seen on the videotape and worked in your campaign HQ right until election day? Mile Square View

Mike Russo you co-sponsored this resolution. Why did you not push for Mile Square View to be first on the hit list of the Beth Russo resolution?

What local publication first posted the full uncensored FBI surveillance video of your agreeing to trade on your office and accept a series of bribes from a developer you met for the very first time?  Mile Square View

What local publication kept the corruption story alive reporting on it day after day long after the one time mention by others and the complete silence at the Jersey Journal? Mile Square View

What publication exclusively went back to the Pulitzer Prize winning authors of “The Jersey Sting” and informed them of your outrageous fabrications on what on occurred between you and Solomon Dwek and other Hudson County figures who have since pled guilty for their crimes in the event? Mile Square View

What publication broke the story of the rampant voter fraud leading into the November 2010 4th ward special election that you and Beth Mason had a direct hand in funding and supporting? Mile Square View

For just some of these reasons, Mile Square View deserves to be at the top of the Beth Russo resolution against freedom of speech, attempted intimidation, character assassination and your goal to destroy two young city employees, Dan Bryan and Juan Melli serving Hoboken.

Mile Square View has worked very hard revealing the legal, moral and ethical corruption of Mike Russo and Beth Mason (and sometimes Tim Occhipinti). It’s completely unjustifiable for Mile Square View not to sit atop this resolution. MSV asks unanimous consent the resolution be amended to reflect this.

Talking Ed Note:  The new camera company is doing an excellent job and the quality of the video is much improved.  Only the last hour of the meeting however appears to be available.

MSV believes the other big item last night was most unfortunate: The City Council voted to zero out completely (as we understand it without documentation) the budget surplus.  They will return approximately $4 million in a ONE SHOT setting the City up for failure. 

Scott Siegel spoke well addressing each of the Council of No on the impact they are setting the city up for in tax increases.  He spoke directly to Council members Terry Castellano, Tim Occhipinti, Beth Mason, Mike Russo and Nino Giacchi.

If the budget is approved by the State, Hoboken will have to raise taxes if any problem occurs or if an unexpected slew of retirements hit.  

This goes against any Municipal 101 course on budget finance.  

Councilman Nino Giacchi is going out very badly and also joined in fighting against hearing from the Corporate Counsel on the latter’s request to speak on a message from the FBI.

The Beth Russo team fought for almost a half-hour (or it seemed like it) to forestall an executive session to hear from the Corporation Counsel.  One resident from Hoboken who has seen it all remarked outside how surprised he was by Councilman Giacchi.

When the executive session was finally held and people were leaving the room, Councilman Mike Russo went right over to Councilman Nino Giacchi leaned over and gave him a half hug with some remarks and they both laughed.

That’s how Councilman Giacchi is going out. On return the Beth Russo ‘majority’ voted to approve the resolution for the emails with a slight amendment.  They could have done this ages ago with a simple OPRA request.  MSV would support that and has some emails for your entertainment.  But that for another time.

More to come… 

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