There’s been a lot of talk…

Maybe too much talk but let’s get some facts out there.  Here is the sign in question that created a firestorm of criticism all around back in October 2009.  During the fall mayoral campaign a triple Beth Mason sign was propped up against a lamp post outside of its Washington Street office.

The sign was very large and positioned to be visible along Washington Street.  But in order to do so it had to rest against the street light.

So was it a violation or not?  It caught MSV’s attention enough from across the street to go and capture this living monument of Hoboken’s Queen of triple transparency.

Street sign controversy – this sign was visible in October 2009 during the mayoral race on Washington Street.  It’s been a point of discussion after the hit job to remove signs from a business by one of Beth Mason’s and Tim Occhipinti’s campaign people lifted signs from inside a Hoboken business.  There’s been barely a twitter from most of the local media on that matter.  

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