2nd ward resident to Councilwoman Mason: Do the Right Thing!

Dear Editor:

I previously had written to the Hoboken Reporter back in October of 2011 informing Beth Mason her focus on the hospital sale was misplaced and she needed to re-focus her attention on the proposed Monarch project that was to be developed by Shipyard Associates in her own 2nd ward. Unfortunately I have felt compelled to remind Ms. Mason that again she has lost her focus on this important issue. Though we appreciated her attendance at the Hudson County Planning Board meeting and speaking out against the project, she has been inconsistent with her approach regarding this matter.

Four times an emergency temporary appropriation has been put before the Hoboken City Council and two times she voted against this appropriation and for the other two votes she was absent from the city council meeting (in which she could have easily called in to vote). This emergency temporary appropriation would fund the legal defense team that is representing the city in its legal fight against the proposed Monarch project. This legal team has made significant progress in this battle by recently filing suit in the superior court of New Jersey to compel Shipyard Associates to construct open space as the original developers agreement required and filed an injunction to prevent the construction of the two eleven story towers on the pier platform. In addition, they are also appealing the recent NJ Department of Environmental Protection decision to issue the Waterfront Development Permit that would allow construction on the pier platform.

It should also be noted that the Fund for a Better Waterfront and the Hoboken Residents for a Public Waterfront have also appealed the NJ DEP’s decision to issue this permit but Shipyard Associates is attempting to have their appeals thrown out which makes the City of Hoboken’s appeal that much more important.

Therefore I am hereby requesting as a 2nd ward resident that Beth Mason vote in favor of this emergency temporary appropriation in totality and stop playing politics where it is not welcome or necessary.

Respectfully submitted,

Eric, Michelle and Ethan Sandler

This letter originally appeared in the weekend paper.  

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