MORTe: Stiff the vendors! No simple budget line item transfer

The City Council presented with some outstanding bills for vendors unprocessed required six votes for normal course of business payments.  Six votes, typical, paying bills, normal? Yes, normal for over five-hundred municipalities in the State of New Jersey except for Hoboken.

Why?  Well any financial budget item requiring more than five votes is an opportunity for sabotaging the City and MORTe NEVER misses that opportunity to do harm.  In this case, it’s not the taxpayers who bear the brunt of their scorn, but the professionals such as the Corporation Counsel and his law firm with a bill in the range of $200,000.

Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin noted in advance of the discussion how line items are typically moved everywhere in New Jersey except for Hoboken foreshadowing the “typical” action by the Council of No: beth Mason, tim Occhipinti, michael Russo and Terry Castellan re: MORTe.

MORTe is the Italian word for death.

Whether it’s a simple refinance saving four million, saving the hospital in a sale or simple budget line transfers, MORTe is consistent in making Hoboken pay the largest price for political gain.

Investigate a budget line item transfer?  You bet, MORTe says let’s.

Talking Ed Note: Councilman Michael Russo made sure to signal the budget line items would again be blocked out of the gate and asked for an investigation why the Business Administrator had not processed the bills sooner.  Tim Occhipinti echoed a call for an investigation instantly.

Former councilman Michael Lenz was appointed to an unpaid position for the rent leveling board 6-3.  Tim Occhipinti complained he didn’t know the composition of the current board on a breakdown of owners and renters.

Why doesn’t Tim Occhipinti do his job and find out BEFORE the meeting?

MORTe voted against bonding for the Hop, sidewalk improvements, and parking utility vehicles on first reading.  Typical MORTe sabotage foreshadowed ahead on next reading when the public can be heard.

A chance to help Hoboken with a sixth vote?  “NO” gets them very excited.

Russo withdrew resolution #2 to give a bill to Marsh and Cunningham for their protest walkout last month for the next meeting.  No resolution has been presented to the public.

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