MORTe: ‘Get the competent out and our people in’

Last night’s City Council meeting was notable in one instance.  While a Business Administrator is not present in City Hall, some bills were not promptly paid giving MORTe a beautiful chance to block the additional bills for payment as it requires six votes.

Grafix Avenger has a brilliant breakdown on the politics behind the latest moves and how an exasperated Corporation Counsel finds himself and his law firm unpaid as a result.  No one is surprised this took place but it’s unfortunate that Hoboken is in transition with the Business Administrator role.  It looks like this is the result of that transition and sadly, it’s the professionals serving the City’s interests who are in the line of fire.

As no new BA has been named one of the job requirements will certainly include not to allow any expenditure to fall through the cracks unpaid requiring a sixth vote on the City Council.

While residents are frustrated by MORTe’s attempts to sabotage the hospital sale (and bankrupt the City), flushing $4 million down the drain on a simple refinance of the midtown garage and demotivating professionals from performing for the City, the Beth Russo hydra is equally frustrated if not more.

They want compliant people at City Hall, those who will take orders and do as told.  In short, they want their people in place and the mayor’s out, resignations are a good start.

They’ve not been able to squander the surplus and force a tax increase.  Yes, they are working very hard at it but somehow Mayor Dawn Zimmer has countered them at almost every turn.

As it stands, MORTe can count the needless waste of four million bucks to the City.  Certainly, if the door is opened, they won’t stop there.

The Hoboken mayoral race is in spring 2013.  But MORTe never stopped politrickin since Cammarano was dethroned from his perch.  They thought Mayor Zimmer would be an easy mark but she’s proved to be anything but.

The Beth Russo hydra is back in action and it’s bad news for Hoboken and its professionals.
GA explains where MORTe is taking the City whenever possible and why:

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