Month: August 2017


Karen Nason’s video series message on ‘planning for people’

Karen Nason, a candidate for Hoboken mayor is planning a video series for the next eight weeks to the November election outlining what she plans to accomplish as mayor.

She writes, “I want to be realistic and take care of the needs of a broad spectrum of residents, not just a select few.”

Her newest video release speaks to 21st century urban planning. She adds, “It’s not about buildings, roads and bike lanes. It’s about the social life and fabric of this community. You have to plan for people as much as you plan for buildings.” Read More...


Team Giattino Petitions Are In!

Official release:

An amazing Team Giattino campaign milestone reached was today!

A total of 1,759 nominating petitions have been filed for Team Giattino for Hoboken. Enough to secure positions on the upcoming ballot for the entire team!

We are continuing our outreach and hope to get even more signatures by the September 5th deadline!

If you have not yet signed, but want to, please respond to this email, which is sent from

And you can always stop in to sign petitions and learn more about volunteering at our office at 152 Newark Street.

Thank you again for your support!

– Jen, Jim, Jason, and Sal

Angelo Valente Files Petitions for Hoboken City Council Run

Official release:

Lifelong Hoboken Resident, Angelo Valente filed his petitions to run as an independent candidate for Hoboken City Council Tuesday. 

Valente announced his candidacy last month, with a focus on improving the quality of life for all Hoboken residents and a promise of independent leadership in the city. 

His platform is available on ValenteForHoboken.Com

Angelo Valente (center with petitions) from left Valente for Hoboken Campaign Manager Peter Jacobsen, daughter Mia Valente, Municipal Clerk James J. Farina, daughter Marietta Valente, wife Jane Cunning Valente and Municipal Deputy Clerk Jerry Lore. Not pictured, daughter Hannah Valente who is attending college.

A tale of two ballot positions challenged

Hudson County View yesterday posted a news story of a North Bergen attorney challenging a Hoboken mayoral and freeholder candidate appearing this November on the ballot twice.

The story doesn’t mention why a North Bergen attorney is so fascinated with Anthony “Stick” Romano. The attorney, Eric Dixon is quoted saying:

“It is my view that this candidate is not merely prohibited from holding two elected offices, but also prohibited from being a candidate for two elected offices in the same election,” North Bergen attorney Eric Dixon wrote in an August 22nd letter to the office’s of the Hudson County Clerk and the state Attorney General. “In addition, the adverse consequences of this dual candidacy will be severe to residents of the jurisdictions in which this candidate seeks two offices; if he wins both contests, residents – his constituents – would be deprived of all representation for one full year in the one office the candidate would be prevented from accepting.”

The petition filing deadline is a week from today and no one anticipates the Hoboken City Clerk’s Office won’t be accepting petitions for mayor from the Romano for mayor campaign. Read More...


How Jen Giattino saved the Southwest Park

There’s misinformation going around in Hoboken’s political universe and that’s nothing new. The depths however taken by some have delved to new lows in the mayoral race.

One of the recent whoppers attempts to dismiss the pivotal fifth vote by City Council President Jen Giattino leading to passage of the Southwest Park back in September 2013. Without Jen Giattino’s vote, there’s no Southwest Park, end of story.

Now her “leadership” is being questioned by the concerted efforts of those on the Bhalla campaign and close to the mayor’s office as part of a smear campaign. Read More...


Councilman Bhalla seeks upgrades to mass transit and infrastructure

Official release:

=&0=& =&1=&  Councilman Ravi Bhalla, candidate for Mayor of Hoboken, today called for upgrading the City’s public transportation infrastructure and increasing service on bus, rail and ferry lines in order to meet the growing demand.  Hoboken has the highest percentage of residents using public transportation to get to work in the entire United States. =&2=&

Free for All

A free for all is emerging among the four major mayoral campaigns as Labor Day approaches and campaign season enters full bore.

Among the indicators, a recent low key poll thought to be taken by a special interest group of developers hit an unknown amount of Hoboken homes’ landlines. The margin of error and many residents only available via their mobile phones means no one is on top or out of the City Hall sweepstakes.

The Hoboken mayoral race is up for grabs as Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano, Councilman Ravi Bhalla, City Council President Jen Giattino and Councilman Mike DeFusco are all in the mix bunched up together. Read More...


Scrum of a spaghetti dinner

Last night the global cooling summer made for a perfect night at Hoboken’s annual spaghetti dinner. Everyone was there and with the mayoral and council at-large campaigns ready to get into overdrive. The evening proved the perfect respite before the fate of campaign follies follow.

City Council President Jen Giattino strikes a pose with her council candidate Sal Starace
BoE scrum? From left: City Council President Jen Giattino, BoE trustee Sharyn Angley, BoE candidate Chetaili Khanna, BoE Trustee Irene Sobolov, Greg Bond, BoE candidate Melanie Tekirian, Second Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, Fifth Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham, BoE trustee Sheillah Dallara. Did you get all that?

Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano arrives and made his presence felt across the length and breadth of the dinner.
Councilman Ravi Bhalla has a lighthearted moment as Director Leo Pellegrini stands nearby.
Councilman Mike DeFusco indicates this many Vote-by-Mails are being lined up right now.
The pile is apparently growing exponentially as he speaks. 
Ghosts of NHSA commissioners past?
Kurt Gardiner’s spider sense kicks in as Frank “Pupie” Raia lurks nearby.
Councilman Dave Mello (l) greets Dan Tumpson.

Jen Giattino: ‘Hoboken residents deserve a mayor to represent you’

The following report comes courtesy of the Hudson County View:

Hoboken Council President Jen Giattino told supporters “you all deserve a mayor that’s actually running for mayor to represent you and makes Hoboken come first” at a fundraiser at the Pilsener Haus Biergarten last night.

From the article:

“We all need a mayor who actually thinks Hoboken is their home and is running for mayor not because they want to be freeholder, or want to be a Congresswoman, or Assemblywoman … you all deserve a mayor that’s actually running for mayor to represent you and makes Hoboken come first.”

For the complete story please the Hudson County View:


Hoboken Reformer Kurt Gardiner on the mayoral candidacy of Jen Giattino

Kurt Gardiner, a NHSA commissioner and executive committee member on the Hoboken Democratic Committee speaks on backing City Council President Jen Giattino for mayor.

He’s taken a lot of heat and gotten the cold shoulder for not following the party line. His criticisms have been pointed on the Bhalla for mayor campaign but his perspectives on what should drive the Hoboken mayoral race differentiates him as a Democrat who knows nationalizing the mayoral campaign does not serve Hoboken’s best interest. Read More...