Hoboken Reformer Kurt Gardiner on the mayoral candidacy of Jen Giattino

Kurt Gardiner, a NHSA commissioner and executive committee member on the Hoboken Democratic Committee speaks on backing City Council President Jen Giattino for mayor.

He’s taken a lot of heat and gotten the cold shoulder for not following the party line. His criticisms have been pointed on the Bhalla for mayor campaign but his perspectives on what should drive the Hoboken mayoral race differentiates him as a Democrat who knows nationalizing the mayoral campaign does not serve Hoboken’s best interest.

There’s more than $230 million reasons why attached to the Rebuild by Design federal program.
Who do you think signs off on granting quarter billion dollar projects in the federal government?

It isn’t Mayor Zimmer or any council or Hudson County official.

Kurt Gardiner says “Jen Giattino will be a great mayor because of the way she’s performed on the City Council.”

Talking Ed Note: My view is Kurt Gardiner is known in reform circles for being level-headed, thoughtful and consistent. You won’t see any bad analogies from him comparing one fringe of violent rabble participating in political violence as better than another.

Let’s hope if a gathering to support the First Amendment is held in Hoboken, there won’t be a certain mayoral campaign attempting to cynically hijack and nationalize it followed by the usual bunch of hooded scum attacking citizens.

People who make it a habit around the country of throwing open bottles of urine at police, macing, clubbing and attacking Americans is not in any shape or form being a “protestor.” Anyone in Sybil’s Cave, City Hall or a mayoral candidate/campaign supporting political violence arguing they are “fighting bigotry” deserves not a single vote of support this November.

Attacking a horse who is out doing a job is equally appalling. Rioting is not protesting. You dig?

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