Year: 2017


Mayor Zimmer celebrates Festivus vetoing council approved public referendum on runoffs


In what will likely be her final major act as mayor, Dawn Zimmer vetoed a decisive 7-2 council vote to let Hoboken voters decide next November if runoff elections should return to the Mile Square City.

The mayor’s final major action was her final slap at a City Council where her support evaporated last June when she cut a backroom deal late into election season announcing she would not run for a third term and immediately put up Councilman Ravi Bhalla as her endorsed alternative. She had ignored her council allies backing her earlier third term bid before publicly announcing her decision. Read More...


HCV: Secret deal sees Carmelo Garcia net $700,000 in ethnic cleansing lawsuit

In a follow-up to the MSV exclusive report last month, the Hudson County View confirms the Hoboken Housing Authority approved less than a million: $700,000 in a payoff for Carmelo Garcia’s “ethnic cleansing” civil suit.

The HCV story adds that the payout is conditional upon review of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. More on this later.

Former Hoboken Housing Authority Chair Dana Wefer who uncovered seven figure contracts never approved by the HHA board but paid out to political contributors of the former and then executive director Carmelo Garcia called the settlement “a travesty” and blasted the potential payoff as another example of the HHA residents being victimized. Read More...



Remember when that old standby of Reform demanded transparency as part of good governance?

How did the Hoboken Housing Authority go from filing a strong counter complaint in 2016 to seeing the agency and its residents and taxpayers victimized again?

How did Mister Carmelo cost the HHA hundreds of thousands of dollars in another settlement two days after the election last month?

What did the Shadow know and when did he know/do it?


Mister Carmelo misses $1,300,000 in Christmas dough payoff

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The big payoff for Carmelo Garcia anticipated with word of a settlement offer at the Hoboken Housing Authority evaporated at last Thursday’s monthly board meeting when the proposed closed session never occurred.

It’s unclear if the settlement set for approval is on hold or if some of the likely six voting commissioners of the HHA board and or its executive director are balking at the utter insanity of paying for more looting out of the agency. One commissioner is not expected to vote for her role in the four year long civil case. Read More...


Attempted suicide bomber captured in premature detonation outside Port Authority

Early morning reports from various news sources state an attempted suicide bomber is captured in an attempted attack outside the Port Authority.

The man believed of South Asian origin reportedly saw a pipe bomb explode outside the Port Authority and is believed sympathetic to ISIS.

The only injury reportedly in the explosion may be the attempter bomber.

Subways were shut down, Times Square area reportedly seeing evacuations in the subway underneath the Port Authority.

This video is suggested as authentic capturing the moment of the explosion. Read More...




Chris Campos, a former Hoboken City Councilman was sentenced earlier today to 30 months in federal prison in a livery car loan scheme running into the millions of dollars.

Chris Campos in better days at the Hoboken Elks in 2013 for a Hoboken mayoral forum.

Ted Sherman, who covers corruption in the Soprano State filed this story on earlier:

The scheme involved dozens of buyers who borrowed money to buy new cars they could not afford, for vehicles they claimed were for their own personal use, but were actually leased out to others and driven as cabs on the streets of New York. Read More...