Year: 2014


Carmelo Garcia’s “ethnic cleansing” attorney Louis Zayas lashes out after lawsuit dismissed


Carmelo Garcia’s attorney has surfaced in a phone interview with John Heinis of the Hudson County View (HCV) yesterday lashing out at the news his client’s lawsuit was dismissed in a verbal assault on the demand letter he withdraw his third filed complaint in just over a year.

HCV describes Zayas’ depiction the legal demand letter as “more bark than bite.” Zayas’ reaction was combative to a legal demand letter and news his second (amended) lawsuit had befallen a similar fate as the first. Read More...


Carmelo Garcia amended lawsuit thrown out as HHA lawyer demands: withdraw your 3rd frivolous lawsuit!

=&0=& =&1=& =&1=&=&3=& Hoboken’s litigious environment where public, elected figures attempt to abuse the courts crying victimhood took one on the chin when Carmelo Garcia saw his second (amended) lawsuit dismissed against the Hoboken Housing Authority and its former chair. Strikingly, the motion to see his amended civil lawsuit dismissed with its added civil rights claim was not opposed by Garcia’s attorney Louis Zayas.   The request by legal counsel, Thomas Abbate of Decotis, Fitzpatrick & Cole representing the Hoboken Housing Authority and its former chairman, Jake Stuiver saw no opposition at all and was approved by Hudson County Superior Court on December 19th. Earlier this year, Hudson County Superior Court threw out Carmelo Garcia’s first civil complaint filing in its entirety. The exclusive MSV story on the findings being “offensive” and “insufficient” was first reported here last December. The latest dismissal of Garcia’s second lawsuit comes as good news for the Hoboken Housing Authority which has been reportedly discovered in severe financial duress after former Executive Director Garcia saw his contract terminated in a 5-2 vote in a special meeting at City Hall last August.  A mob bordering on a full out riot and some say paid to show up by Garcia’s Old Guard allies (re: Beth Mason) attempted to interfere and halt the proceedings and did so successfully for a limited amount of time. An unplanned recess preceded by what MSV called “The Fracas” forestalled but couldn’t stop a vote on his eventual dismissal. Earlier this year, Hudson County Superior Court threw out Garcia’s first “ethnic cleansing” lawsuit in its entirety. Garcia and his attorney then refiled the charges adding a civil rights claim.  The second amended lawsuit remains for the moment against the City of Hoboken, Mayor Zimmer and her husband. It’s likely to see a similar motion following the successful one by the HHA’s attorney. The stakes for Garcia who has filed a third outstanding civil litigation against the City of Hoboken, Mayor Zimmer, the HHA and two of its commissioners, Chair Dana Wefer and HHA commissioner and City Councilman Dave Mello get higher. He =&4=& may face a countersuit for frivolous litigation.

Garcia has 28 days to withdraw his last outstanding civil complaint or possibly face “appropriate monetary sanctions.”

In a letter dated December 29th, counsel for the HHA Thomas Abbate joined an earlier letter from December 11th on behalf of Mayor Zimmer and the City of Hoboken demanding Garcia withdraw his frivolous litigation. The letter indicates representation on behalf of current HHA Chair Dana Wefer and HHA commissioner Dave Mello who is also an at-large City Councilman.

The letter disassembles Garcia’s last lawsuit stating it’s a regurgitation of his earlier claims dismissed and “despite his overheated and patently offensive rhetoric,” the plaintiff did not put forward “a single interrogatory” or issue “a single document request” or “take a single deposition” concluding his litigious filings are nothing more than “a cheap publicity stunt.” Read More...


Backlash against possible PATH service reductions mount

Even in the twilight of the holiday period, there’s mounting criticism since the Port Authority report targeted service on the PATH for weekday and weekend overnight elimination of service.

First, the PATH’s own rider’s council announced:

The PATH Riders’ Council is strongly opposed to any reduction in PATH service that would adversely impact the communities it serves. We vigorously oppose the suggestion by the special panel convened by Governors Christie and Cuomo to eliminate weekday and weekend overnight service. The proposal itself comes at a time when PATH is experiencing record ridership numbers, when jobs and commuting patterns no longer follow the traditional 9-5pm, and when governments throughout the region and country are investing – not divesting – in transit. The $10M cost reduction – a tiny portion of the Port Authority’s $7.8B budget – would be devastating for communities on both sides of the Hudson, especially for hard-working New Yorkers and New Jerseyans in industries like construction, healthcare, and hospitality who rely on PATH to come home from an overnight job or commute to a job with an early morning start. =&0=&

PATH to see weekend and weekday overnight service eliminated?

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer & Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop oppose proposed service reductions in a Port Authority report released over the quiet holiday period.

The Port Authority report stating numerous problems with a deficit running in the hundreds of millions included service reductions in Hoboken and Jersey City on the PATH train.

The executives over the agency, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Governor Chris Christie have made statements already supporting the agency report. In addition to consideration of eliminated overnight service, the plan calls for other entities to combine with public and private entities to cover the red ink. Read More...


Rock’em sock’em robots: Hoboken ain’t done in 2014

The Big Apple across the way is known as the city that never sleeps but Hoboken doesn’t want a nap either when it comes to this website’s mission statement.

MSV being the best place for Hoboken government, politics and corruption; that part time mission feels more like a permanent mission in exile. The Old Guard is always up to some nefarious actions against the people of Hoboken or looking for new ways to get into their pockets.

There’s a big story coming. If ya keep it where it is. Read More...


Three Hoboken police officers promoted in ceremony at City Hall

A promotion ceremony scheduled at Hoboken City Hall Monday saw three Hoboken police officers elevated in its ranks.
This video report comes courtesy of John Heinis at The Hudson County View.

For the full story see:

Talking Ed Note: This story is about the promotion of three Hoboken police officers. While MSV has always held a libertarian spirit when it comes to the First Amendment; it’s strongly suggested any comments be focused on the actual story. If you hunger to discuss wider politics on the matter of our Republic, civilization and policing, there’s other venues. Read More...


And now a message from a new FOH – Friends of Horsey

A Mile Square resident sent this email and graciously granted permission for it to be anonymously published here. While the sentiments are greatly appreciated, all comments from the community: positive, negative or neutral are always welcome:

Horsey, My wife and I are happy and privileged to call Hoboken home. It’s a truly progressive community with the old-world charm that brings together a quality of life that is unique and unparalleled in the Garden State. Being around politics my entire life, in and out of the political trenches, I just wanted to write and say that you do a wonderful job.  For the people who aren’t in the thick of it daily, you accurately describe all of the forces – good and “evil.” You truly do a civic duty. Some forces in Hoboken and Hudson County (and I’ve seen it first hand) are some of the most egregious and head-shaking forces I’ve ever seen.  In the modified words of the immortal Rowdy Roddy Piper, “Just when you think you have all the answers, they (I) go and change the questions.”  We’ve made Hoboken our home and plan on being here until, God-forbid, the wrong people open up the containment chamber ala Ghostbusters and we see Stay-Puft marching down Washington St. destroying all the progress that has been made throughout these past few years.  While much more is needed to do, there’s light at the end of the PATH tunnel (figuratively speaking). Information is everything. The more people continue to read the content on this site, the better off our town will be from the selfish and morally corrupt interests that set progress back.  Whether its shedding light on the Board of Ed, the Housing Authority, or even the Town Council, thank you for what you do.   =&0=&: While counte$$ must hear this political reality, her takeaway is the enemies of her ambition for power are =&1=& and is upping the ante in her war on the First Amendment and civil rights. More on all this, sooner than later.

In the meantime, MSV continues to ask for the community’s kind support as the malicious abuse of the NJ courts continues apace. So many are called but those who hear the call, well – you’re the finest folks in our Mile Square land. Truly. Read More...


Can Hoboken’s Al Sharpton imitator pave a road to the mayor’s seat?


Hudson Reporter continues to push its rumor of Mayor Zimmer resignation as the Old Guard scrambles to promote themselves for Carmelo Garcia’s Assembly seat 

As the mourning unfolded across the river with two police officers assassinated as they sat in their patrol vehicle last Saturday, questions arising from the roles certain media and officials played in fostering the political climate leading to that violence are emanating in the Mile Square.

Could an Old Guard candidate applying Al Sharpton tactics take power and bring winning electoral results to Hoboken? Read More...


h-mag relaunches and hits out at the Mile Square’s lifestyle

Hoboken’s blogosphere is about to get another big shot in the arm with the relaunch of h-mag, the Mile Square’s biggest lifestyle online magazine.

The retooled vision will come courtesy of Chris Halloran, a well known man about town who has infiltrated many aspects of Hoboken’s lifestyle, much of it from his intimate, personal experience.

That first hand experience will come in handy along with his vast editorial background inside and outside the Mile Square.

A new feature on the website speaks to his fashion sense which he describes as a spacklersexual: his fashion sense like a 72-year old Irish pig farmer. Read More...