Carmelo Garcia’s “ethnic cleansing” attorney Louis Zayas lashes out after lawsuit dismissed

Louis Zayas of “ethnic cleansing” fame says third lawsuit attempt is sticking

Carmelo Garcia’s attorney has surfaced in a phone interview with John Heinis of the Hudson County View (HCV) yesterday lashing out at the news his client’s lawsuit was dismissed in a verbal assault on the demand letter he withdraw his third filed complaint in just over a year.

HCV describes Zayas’ depiction the legal demand letter as “more bark than bite.” Zayas’ reaction was combative to a legal demand letter and news his second (amended) lawsuit had befallen a similar fate as the first.

All claims against the Hoboken Housing Authority and former Chairman Jake Stuiver were dismissed in Hudson County Superior Court last week. At least one federal investigation continues in the HHA since Garcia’s contact was terminated last August.

Calling the demand letter urging he drop Garcia’s third civil filing on almost an identical set of claims originally, Zayas called the request “baseless,” before reiterating his racketeering claim.

The video news report below comes courtesy of John Heinis at The Hudson County View.

News of Carmelo Garcia’s second lawsuit dismissed in Hudson County Superior Court broke yesterday on MSV with a demand letter issued by the attorney for the Hoboken Housing Authority and HHA commissioners Dana Wefer and Dave Mello.

Talking Ed Note: Da Horsey with be back with more parting shots on racketeering, ethnic cleansing and how to file a series of lawsuits without providing a shred of evidence to back up your claims.

Hoboken suffers from a severe bout of ethic cleansers.

New Year’s Day Update
Da Horsey opines on Garcia’s series of lawsuits with additional analysis from legal beagles 

Turf Track Update: The previous two civil complaints failed to survive on a motion to dismiss; although the second took two pokes with the first motion mostly disposing of Carmelo Garcia’s outrageous and unsubstantiated claims.

Not a shred of proof has been put forward in each of three of Garcia’s complaints. The wild allegations are vague, wildly speculative and conspiratorial in nature. As the Hudson County View said, “more bark than bite,” from a projection perspective. (Always an angle worth noting, the Old Guard deploys projection typically as their first line of defense. Often cringeworthy but entertaining nevertheless)

Some legal observers suggest since Garcia’s HHA contract was terminated, there is further introspection for the court likely but it hardly means his claims will fare better under NJ law than his earlier filings. As some commenters note, Carmelo Garcia faces danger should any real evidence come to light in related documents, depositions and witnesses which may be turned over to federal investigators.

Another legal view suggests a motion to dismiss is less likely to succeed than under normal circumstances but is appropriate here as the stakes for Carmelo Garcia now fall outside the malicious abuse of process standards.  Using the courts for political purposes is problematic but here it may extend into the criminal arena under a federal jurisdiction of a live investigation. (Housing Authorities are governed under federal auspices not state or municipal. Abuse of procurement rules into the millions of dollars with Garcia pocketing thousands of dollars from HHA vendors opens the door to the possible illicit abuse of federal rules/monies. It’s one dangerous avenue previously brought to light.)

Under those auspices, the civil litigation could explode into the criminal arena with a lengthy list of federal laws broken and subsequent criminal charges. Garcia’s civil litigation may in fact produce additional evidence for the Fed’s current investigation or compliment others avenues already underway.

If such a fate befalls Garcia, some legal observers say Louis Zayas will be sounding an immediate retreat as a criminal lawyer emerges in his place.

Happy New Year Mister Carmelo.

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