h-mag relaunches and hits out at the Mile Square’s lifestyle

Hoboken’s blogosphere is about to get another big shot in the arm with the relaunch of h-mag, the Mile Square’s biggest lifestyle online magazine.

The retooled vision will come courtesy of Chris Halloran, a well known man about town who has infiltrated many aspects of Hoboken’s lifestyle, much of it from his intimate, personal experience.

That first hand experience will come in handy along with his vast editorial background inside and outside the Mile Square.

A new feature on the website speaks to his fashion sense which he describes as a spacklersexual: his fashion sense like a 72-year old Irish pig farmer.

What does a spacklersexual dress like? Well you’ll have to venture there to the story to see.

There’s lots of literary Irish there which is bound to surface readily and often to much hilarity.
Best of luck to Hal and the new, shiny toy for Hoboken –

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