You just can’t buy class

An officer was injured in a tussle with a drug suspect at 5th and Jackson St. late Saturday while conducting a sweep through the building with both he and the suspect at times airborne over the three floor struggle in the stairwell.

Sgt. Roy Haack, a 16 year veteran of the Hoboken Police force along with the suspect were taken to Hoboken University Medical Center.  While being attended for cuts and bruises, Mayor Zimmer paid a visit. Detective Vince Lombardi, Hoboken Police Benevolent Association President is quoted by the Jersey Journal on the actions of the officer, “Roy got his man” and of the Mayor, “In all my years, this is the first time a Hoboken mayor has come to the hospital” to check on an injured officer, adding, “It was appreciated.”

Photo Detective Vince Lombardi courtesy Amy Sara Clark / Hoboken Now

Talking Ed Note: Congratulations to Sgt. Haack on nailing the perp and also to our Mayor.  Good times, bad times, you just can’t buy class.

Correction: Amy Sara Clark is reporting Mayor Zimmer may not have been the first mayor to do so.  We’ll await the results and try to get an answer on this one too.  In the interim we’ll just go with her being the best mayor to visit an injured police officer.  It appears Mr. Lombardi is a detective, not a Sgt. on the force.  We apologize for the error.

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