What’s next on the culture of corruption hit list?

When you’ve been around the block a few times, your eyes are opened to the ways of the world and yet a small minority will stay true and steadfast in seeking the grail.  Our friend the Wile E. Coyote is certainly part of that select club in Hoboken that never wavered and never yielded to the culture of corruption.  Here’s a tribute video we’re posting, a salute to what has passed and what lies ahead.

As the state fiscal monitor, Judy Tripodi and her team are rounding out their mission to set the town’s finances on the path to competence and sanity, the Mayor’s office and City Council are now charged with taking the next steps in pushing the envelope.  In the now famous words of City Council President Peter Cunningham on the Parking Utility swindle, “For God’s sake, there’s money going out the back door.”  Now we can begin to plough ahead and execute on these matters uncovered in the million dollar coin swindle and beyond.  We know there’s more and we’re calling for  the most dreaded words in the English language to the old guard: Forensic Accounting.

Just do it.  

Here’s a report some may have missed issued by the state detailing how New Jersey and its local municipalities dug the hole deeper.  Just in case you missed it:
The Beat Goes On

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