World Cup Quarterfinals begin today

Some are on holiday schedules and many here and abroad (a reference acknowledging the reality of nations with certified internationally recognized borders) will be making time to catch the World Cup Quarterfinals. Futbol.

Today, a resurgent and potent France will be facing off against a top-flight team from Uruguay, the nation that hosted and won the first ever World Cup held in 1930. The small South American nation (sorry that word again) with a population of less than 3.5 million is rich in soccer tradition.

France vs. Uruguay 10 am (Fox Sports Channel)

With a world-class central defense, Uruguay will hang in using sophisticated schemes but lacking their top offensive threat due to injury, this could be the end of the road for them and their fans.

In the second quarterfinal this afternoon, two of the top teams in the world will be facing off in what could be one of the best matches of the knockout stage. It’s the futbol loving nation of Brazil taking on a very talented and potent team from Belgium.

Brazil vs. Belgium 2 pm (Fox Sports Channel)

For Horsey, the 1994 epic quarterfinal in Dallas where Holland slugged it out with Brazil may see a repeat in that high scoring match. (Horsey had tickets to that game but had to opt to use the same-day tickets in Boston for the showdown between Italy and Spain. Baggio! Baggio!)

National pride is on the line (with apologies to the uber PC brainwashed globalist loving masses offended by the concept of nations).

Horsey will now go take a run down the wing with his friend T-Rex. Replays available on FSC.
Mulligans in Hoboken is a popular destination for World Cup viewers.


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