Sybil’s Cave loves the Russo Clan: corruption, wot corruption?

When your political boss is seen as a promise-breaking, second job employment contract conflict-loving, employee paying avoider and full-time self-promoter, what’s Sybil’s Cave to do?

How about throw in the towel and become a full-fledged Russo Clan lover.

If you can’t beat’em join’em. That’s where Sybil’s Cave apparently opting for targeting Councilman Mike DeFusco as the greatest evil known in Hoboken history leaving no recourse but to get in bed with Mikie and his new pony tail locks forever? Hey, bosses orders, xx oo, smooches Mikie.

We know that political paid operatives will make for odd bedfellows for the political boss but isn’t this a corruption bridge too far?

“I love the Russo Clan. Kiss me Terry and can you give me a lift?” 

How many hospitals in Hoboken did Mike DeFusco try to bankrupt and how many millions in quarters did he try to cover up that disappeared? OK, questions arose last year about ELEC reports (and has been reported here on MSV per usual) but do we have to go PAC crazy every day of the year?

Well, let’s at least try to catch up and get current. After all, when did Ravi Bhalla ever suggest he’d follow former mayor Dawn Zimmer and avoid all association and (related expenditures in his favor) support from PACs?

PAC man, yumm-yumm.

And what was the final PAC pricetag for this “terror flyer?”
Hey, we’re Stronger Together when we scam the Hoboken voters together.

Talking Ed Note: There’s the sole City Council meeting for July this week on Wednesday so more fun is no doubt in the offing. If you want to talk corruption, Super PACs and the like, be careful what you wish for and by the way, you may want to avoid the PAC and corruption hypocrisy or worse at Sybil’s Cave.

This internet warning is appearing based on recent reader reports about Sybil’s Cave:

Be careful out there Hoboken. 

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