World Cup break ends tomorrow with Quarterfinals

Hoboken a town of vigorous diverse interests among its populace isn’t immune to the World Cup: its passions, its global reach, it’s simple beauty as both an art and a chess game.  Among those who are closely following the beautiful game are many who honor their ethnic heritage.  National pride is on the line.

An Argentine flag flies proudly on Garden Street after their win over Mexico.  Argentina faces Germany in a clash of giants Saturday morning at 10 am on ABC.

The teams met in a similar elimination game in 2006 World Cup where a shootout and clash afterwards produced some controversy.

A large England banner flies proudly after the 4-1 loss to Germany.  Da Horsey has a friend from England and hasn’t chatted with him just yet honoring his mourning period.
A US Flag flies proudly nearby.

Despite the US elimination last weekend, this quartet of flags flew proudly on Bloomfield.

These roses were pinned at the corner of 6th and Bloomfield last week on the corner by the Juventus club, a famous international soccer club in Italy.  Mourning for Italy, the US or something else entirely?  Italy was the defending champions but failed to advance out of their group in the round robin portion.
Tomorrow its a battle of titans with the Netherlands taking on Brazil.  The two have played some historic matches in recent tournaments including a classic Quarterfinal in the 1994 World Cup in Dallas with Brazil advancing 3-2 and then in a shootout in the 1998 World Cup in France with a similar outcome.  ESPN Friday @ 10:00 am.
Later Uruguay will take on Ghana the last African nation in the tournament.  Uruguay a small nation of about three million people holds special significance having hosted the first World Cup in 1930.  ESPN Friday @ 2:30
Along with the Argentina – Germany clash Saturday, ABC will broadcast the second match: Spain – Paraguay @ 2:30.  

Mulligans in Hoboken on 1st Street between Bloomfield and Garden is showing all the matches on many screens to accommodate fans.  Here’s a picture from the mid-afternoon Spain-Portugal clash the other day.  

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