The Bard of Hoboken launches a lyrical fussilade

A horse is a horse and of course, 
he set up a website for open discourse. 

He set up a website not for personal gain, 
and he got attacked by a madman named Lane. (allegedly) 

He covers the beat for stories he is casin’, 
And is not well liked within the circles of Beth Mason. 

To cover Hoboken he should be given a hand, 
and now his 2nd Cousin has been spotted on the web in Scotland. 

Da Horsey doesn’t do graifx with punchbowls filled with crap, 
He just gets his kin to pose on Google street maps. 

And now while his kin is discovered in the town of Aberdeen, 
Beth Mason and company calls her detractors angry and mean. 

Beth’s minions have been busy writing BS letters to the paper, 
but why was there no comment on Bajardi’s assault caper? 

Now the people might be turned off by turds I have to admit, 
but this website exists to point out Mason and her supporters are just full of sh*t.

Talking Ed Note: More on this at the Hoboken Journal.

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