Why Ravi Bhalla incinerated Jim Doyle’s resolution against the North Bergen Power Plant

The untold story how Councilman Jim Doyle’s resolution against the North Bergen Power Plant died an ugly death courtesy of Mayor Ravi Bhalla and another backroom HudCo deal.

Nancy Pincus shutters Sybil’s Cave spewing limp fabrications while avoiding Ravi’s latest HudCo deal

Nancy Pincus shockingly announced she’ll stop lying for Ravi Bhalla at Sybil’s Cave.
Well, at least until a new batch of her toxic stew can be brewed up.
Update below in the T.E.N – more ugly, vile Sybil fabrications are back!

Story to come – Councilman Jim Doyle and the Hoboken mayor’s office are being given adequate time to respond for this upcoming story. It’s like the third rail on a subway. Everyone’s watching but they’re not talking. It’s that radioactive. Hey, no FacePunching! 

Once again Nancy Pincus cannot stop herself from lying and smearing, so this is an interim update. Some of her latest reckless lies are addressed in the captioned photo below. 

Last October, Councilman Jim Doyle, a lawyer with the Environmental Protection Agency drew up a resolution against the pending North Bergen natural gas power plant.

The proposed power plant will provide power to New York City.

No one questions why Doyle would put up the symbolic resolution as he’s pushed for banning plastic bags in Hoboken back to the Zimmer Administration. What Doyle and the public didn’t know is the resolution, which may have passed quietly without comment by his council colleagues was heading to an incinerator of its own.

North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco who doubles as a NJ State Senator holds an annual ball in homage to himself. Mayor Ravi Bhalla, having cut a political deal earlier with his years long rival, Union City Mayor Brian Stack who also holds a seat as NJ Senator elected to deep six Doyle’s resolution as part of another political backroom deal with his North Bergen rival.

When Stack enjoined Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop in an attempt to win control over the Hudson County Democratic Committee and by extension Hudson County, he enlisted new Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla to his cause. While the effort would eventually fail in a rowdy public contest, Bhalla extracted political support from Stack in November’s upcoming Hoboken council ward races. What that support will mean is anyone’s guess. It doesn’t preclude other yet unknown pieces in the unspecified deal.

While the mayor’s office has repeatedly declined comment on the matter, Ravi Bhalla yanked Doyle’s resolution off the October City Council agenda – without telling him. Doyle, who also has declined public comment about his now incinerated resolution to date remains silent on any reintroduction. Members of the public have raised the matter about the North Bergen Power Plant and their opposition in succeeding meetings during public portion.

More recently, word of two secret meetings between Ravi Bhalla and “Uncle Nick” Sacco has leaked out. A reliable source communicated earlier this year of the meetings between Bhalla and Sacco. (Contrary to the endless misinformation/fabrications from Nancy Pincus on her dead Bhalla blog, this story and the source come at the county level and have nothing to do with Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.) According to this senior source, Bhalla sought to politically extract advantage for at least the upcoming Hoboken council ward elections later this year. The outcome of the discussion and the full details, however, remain outstanding.

Less of a secret across the county and parts of Hoboken in all the power-brokers backroom dealing is Ravi Bhalla angling to get hold of the congressional seat currently held by Albio Sires. It’s unknown how much traction Bhalla gained with both Stack and Sacco who would be the critical deciders when the seat comes up. He’s selling his money network as an advantage. Did I see selling? Maybe I meant trading?

Sires’ congressional seat is the prize Ravi Bhalla currently holds in the twinkle of his eyes. And Councilman Jim Doyle is mere fodder along for the ride. Poor Jim.

Neither Councilman Jim Doyle or the mayor’s office responded to questions this morning seeking comment for this exclusive feature.

Nancy Pincus came back yet again from her inert Ravi Bhalla blog to publish false and personal
attacks against this editor even writing about my dead mother. The public learned about action
against her and it does not involve which declined when approached to
do a story months ago
. Comments are solely the responsibility of the commenters subject to the longstanding
comment policy as stated here. You can photoshop and lie about me and others Nancy Pincus but your issues
are due to your endless smears coming back to you. Do you ever tire of lying about others? Ever?

Talking Ed Note: Personal attacks in the comments section are not permitted against members of the public but that rule did bend of late but only in one ridiculous personal attack against the Horse himself. MSV has not participated nor endorsed any commenting about any family, criminal complaint filed against them or satirical jokes related to same whatsoever. Nancy Pincus once again owes an apology for more of the baseless smears and fabrications she’s infamous for in the Mile Square City. Yes, we all know, fat chance.

The last time an apology was requested came after Nancy Pincus falsely accused this editor of criminal activities in a Hoboken polling station. It was met with three choice words, “Go to hell.”

The unhinged are more unhinged than ever. The Hoboken Resistance uncovered how Nancy Pincus was a paid political operative for Ravi Bhalla. So you know Ravi, as the December 2017 story aptly stated, you own this Sybil’s Cave trainwreck. Oh and you FacePunchers in the mayor’s office too. Disgraceful!

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