The People of NJ vs. Nancy Pincus

In recent days, some members of the public made comment on a criminal complaint not involving this freedom loving horse. The information and details are in the public domain and a court in Kearny, NJ. wrote nothing of it, nor about anyone’s family or family members, living or deceased.

The allegation, stating or suggesting any such thing is false and likely defamatory.

In retaliation, Nancy Pincus, under the guise she’s a victim of the public’s comments about a criminal case allegedly filed against HER, opted to attack my mother, specifically my mother’s funeral. This, on top of the typical fare of fabrications, smears and character assassination she doles out regularly against good people serving the Hoboken community. Their crime: they dare to put Hoboken’s interests above her political boss.

She has zero interest in the truth and zero interest in any decency. So funny dishing it out, ha ha.

So Nancy Pincus enjoys attacking a dead person’s wake. What a nice paid political operative you have there Ravi?
Being smeared as part of a Russo Clan election hit job tag teaming with Nancy Pincus when you spend a 14 hour day overseeing election integrity is one thing. Accused of criminal activities as an election day challenger, that’s par for the course too, right Nancy Pincus? Is there any modicum of decency for this or any of the endless lying, reckless fabrications and character assassination against good government Reform members serving the community. Not. A. Question.
Not from this blackened soul with less self-awareness than a glow worm. You’re no victim, stop lying and start apologizing.
Collecting material for my photoshopping attacks is fun! 

The People of NJ vs. Nancy Pincus


Then there’s this fishy comment.  
Et tu Catfish?

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