4th ward election fraud allegations: the whole kit and kaboodle moves on to the Prosecutor!

Here’s a short synopsis of today’s hearing on the 4th ward election investigation: the Board of Elections did not eliminate one problem, not one iota of issues brought to bear in the 4th ward special election.  Instead the Superintendent wrote a report on the Board’s investigation but declined to comment on the specific criminal matters sent on to the prosecutor’s office.

The whole package of problems including the totality of complaints from the Lenz for Council campaign moves on as well.

MSV was prepared to show the meeting live but had to settle for the audio, as we were told we could not shoot the video.  We pressed hard on the issue but BoE’s Clerk Michael Harper insisted advance notice for the request was needed, even though the open meeting law applies.  He said a request would need to come sooner for a lawyer to approve.  We asked him to call the lawyer.  He said there was no time with the meeting about to begin.

Here is the key part of the meeting with the public portion starting with Scott Siegel.  He was followed by Council members Dave Mello and Ravi Bhalla. Stan Grossbard, the mayor’s husband also spoke as did Da Horsey raising issues where Hoboken needs help in advance of future elections next spring.

What roused our interest in speaking was a comment this was a not unusual 2,000 vote 4th ward election.  That got our interest in bringing to light a number of facts showing it was anything but the case.  Although the Board made some comments to others, no one addressed a single point Da Horsey made.

Lane Bajardi showed up in typical cult of personality Masonite fashion asking that any investigation into the special election also include Dawn Zimmer’s 2007 campaign.  He was halted from his typical character assassination of individuals and told to stop making accusations of people by name at the meeting.

He neglected to bring up last November’s mayoral election.  Councilwoman Beth Mason’s street money was all over the Hoboken Housing Authority.  Somehow that didn’t get a mention.  Mason told the Hudson Reporter earlier this year she would conduct a self-investigation on the matter but hasn’t said a word publicly about it since.

Related: Claire Moses at Hoboken Patch filed confirming more details of how the criminal referrals have grown from the initial four items to the whole ‘kit and kaboodle.’

Katie Colaneri at the Jersey Journal adds her first hand report quoting Councilman Ravi Bhalla on the criminal developments, “It really allows law enforcement professionals to act as a fresh set of eyes.”

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