Hoboken Resident Scott Siegel at the Elections Board

This short segment was not captured properly in the 35 minute portion earlier.  As it has been recovered and for the sake of a complete record, it’s now added.

Scott Siegel was the first person to address the Board of Elections.  The dialogue here is important as it’s the first summation on the entirety of the matter being moved forward as a criminal matter under investigation.  The other person you hear on the audio is Hudson County Board of Elections Clerk Michael Harper.

During the discussion, Mr. Harper explains the clear reason why there can’t be detailed discussion on the persons involved in the matter as it’s now part of an official investigation in the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office.

You may notice a sucking sound has ceased in Hoboken.  The attacks of voter intimidation, voter suppression and all the other noise from the Tim Occhipinti campaign have been silenced.  They would prefer you join in with the fascist chatter suppressing speech over a punditry graphic than look at this stark reality.

This reality isn’t going away.  It’s a great day for Hoboken.  The odor of justice is in the air, you smell that smell?  Smells like free and fair elections.

Wonder what NJ Assembly members Ramos and Quigley are thinking about this now?

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