Which party do I crash?

Both Hoboken party organizations are holding their big reorganization meetings tonight.  Clearly we have one party much larger than the other but hey, what about drink specials?  And what to do if you didn’t get an invite but still want to see the new make nice coalition building Ines Garcia Keim looking to upset Councilman Ravi Bhalla for the prestigious role of Chair?

One thing you can be sure, this reorg for both parties is akin to rounding up the children.  Are they all present and accounted for is the question when it begins?  Knowing Ravi’s organizational skills, (he’s been remarkably effective in working with the reform team in Hoboken for a good long stretch) so Ines better put out her best Beth Mason politician smile saying, “Hey, how about me for Vice Chair?”

As for the Republicans, Scott Siegel’s new grassroots approach is about to topple the status quo with the Republicans of Hoboken taking strong control over the party mantle in the Mile Square City.  ROH President Diana Davis takes on Peter Morgan but this is not as exciting as the ROH looks to have built a solid winning advantage of almost two dozen supporters in the districts all over town.  Peter’s colleague and fellow co-founder of the Hoboken Republicans, Nathan Brinkman was defeated earlier at the polls in a narrow 4-3 vote.

What does this mean? Well the Republicans are still the junior operation with their numbers a mere fraction of Democrats in Hoboken.  Ironically, their impact could be bigger than their local rivals on the County side.  Will the ROH push to end the go along to get along standard of patronage in Hudson County?  One can hope and Da Horsey hopes they act first on principle than accept scraps tossed from the table.

On the other side, the Hoboken Democrats are a minority voice saddled on one side with the powerful machine of State Senator and mayor of Union City, Brian Stack and the Los Angeles like sprawl of Jersey City on the other.  Then you have Mayor Richard Turner in Weehawken who word said was happy to have planted a flag in Hoboken via a former fiscal appointee.  True?  Da Horsey would rather not say because there’s some nasty political operatives swimming on the bottom of our nearby waters.  Their lies are paid by the letter apparently and targets have been acquired in the Mile Square.  Which Hoboken checkbook do you think has kept one bottom feeder going on a full kushy stomach?

Have Hobokenites spotted this pale, soft bottom feeder?
Tonight: Republicans gather at Nine on Washington at 6:30 for their big pow wow and Room 84 will be hosting the Hoboken Democrats with the Jolly Green Giant, Kurt Gardiner of the Hoboken Journal holding court at the bar with a live blog at the more friendly drinking time of 8:00.
Kurt is bound to get some juicy stuff down in that basement.  

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