Michael Shaffer follows Cammarano: “I’m guilty” too

The Jersey Journal posted a story stating Michael Shaffer is pleading guilty today as noted in a press release from US Attorney Paul Fishman.

As part of an agreement Schaffer pled to one count of crimminal information, charging him with criminal extortion although he acted as a bag man for ex-mayor Peter Cammarano four times including once soon after Cammarano had taken the oath of office and been sworn-in as mayor of Hoboken.

Schaffer will be sentenced on September 15th.  Maximum penalty is 15 years and a $250,000 fine.

He’s served as a commissioner on the North Hudson Sewage Authority and his name still appears on the website.

Talking Ed Note: A source told Da Horsey last week of a conversation concerning this matter.  After Peter Cammarano went down, it was expected Michael Schaffer would soon follow.  In this case, there was an expectation there was no other recourse but to take a hit and do some time.

The big question making its way around the Mile Square is what may have Cammarano given up to only get a sentence of about two years?  Da Horsey has some ideas but ain’t talk’in.

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Photo: Courtesy the Jersey Journal

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